Different angles allow for different perspectives on the object being photographed. The use of straightforward shots is not too common in commercial photography. In order to gain a viewer’s attention, the photograph has to stand out. It needs to take an ordinary object and capture it in a way that makes it seem extraordinary. If someone wanted to see a straight shot of a coffee mug, they could just look at it. Using multiple angles allows the viewer to see the subject of the shoot in a whole new light.

There are several angles that can be applied to commercial photography. For instance, if you were shooting a roll of tape, you could zoom in close and snap the shot with the roll partially in frame. You could also tray shooting it from above to get a bird’s eye view or stand it up and take the picture from a slightly tilted, upward angle. This would skew the perspective and provide a nice shadow in the foreground. Either option is a refreshing departure from a straightforward shot. Changing the eye level of the product transforms its shape and makes it seem larger than life.

The great thing about multiple angles is that we live in a three-dimensional world, so the possibilities are almost endless. For the best results, experiment with the perspective that each angle provides. You may be surprised at what you will be able to capture.