The importance of product photography in marketing your product cannot be overstated. When people cannot see or touch an object in person, it’s crucial that they have an accurate representation to either peak their initial interest, or spur a sale. Studies have shown that people remember about 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, but a whopping 80% of what they see. High quality product images are continuously linked to sales conversion. Here are some of the basics for top quality product photography.

Products are lit well. Product images generally look smoother when lighting is evenly spread and shadows are minimal. You can ensure this by using tools to diffuse the light such as flash diffusers, special soft boxes, etc. This can be challenging when shooting shiny objects, as the material generally reflects the light.

The photographs of the products are very clear. Especially in smaller items where the craftsmanship is something you want to emphasize, it’s important to make sure the images are highly detailed.

You may want to have your products shot from multiple angles, so potential customers can get as full a view of the product as possible. If it is a product that a customer will interact with, such as nail polish, it helps to have a picture of a model polishing her nails.

With great product photography, the customer will be enticed and drawn in by the visual, and any other details will become mere afterthoughts.