This video shows you how to tell if a DVD disc is dual layer.

The DVD dual layer disc will allow you to store up to 8.5 gigabytes per DVD. The disc contains two layers of data, the first layer is semi transparent so that it allows the laser to get through to the second layer. There are two formats of DVD dual layer disc, the DVD-R DL that was developed by the Pioneer Corporation and the DVD+R DL that was developed by Mitsubishi and Philips. The creation of the dual layer DVD now allows you to store up to twice the amount of data. This comes in very useful when you have a movie or film that goes past 4.7 gigabytes on a standard DVD. The dual layer DVD has become so popular that almost all newer DVD players will recognize the format.

In some of the DVD players on the market when switching from one layer to the next there is a noticeable pause between DVD layers and this had some viewers concerned that the disc was defective or the disc was damaged. Many film studios started to add a message on the packaging that this delay would occur and there was nothing wrong with the disc. The dual layer DVD has become very popular with small and large video production studios allowing them to be able to duplicate in small to large quantities without having to go to a DVD 9 and have it replicated. Finding a company that offers dual layer DVD duplication should be easy to find since most duplication facilities can accommodate this format. The cost of dual layer DVD duplication will be a little more expensive since the disc cost more and it takes longer to burn.