I would say almost everyone has box full of video tapes that contain precious family memories. Video tape is known as an analog format and over time will slowly degrade and loose their picture quality and color. For several years now the service has been offered to transfer your old video tapes to DVD. When creating the DVD you have the option of having motion menus so you can access key scenes throughout the video and have an interactive menu. In order to capture your analog tapes, the company will play your tapes through the required format deck and digitize them into the computer.

This transfer process is done in real time. Once digitized, there are a few options, you can have the company edited your videos then make your DVD master or just have them output straight to DVD. When the DVD master is being created you do have the choice of making a menu that can list different areas of the video. This is a great way to skip through different parts of the DVD without having to watch the entire video. When your DVD master is complete I would recommend having a back up DVD made for safety purposes. DVD is a great way to preserve your memories, but if anything were to happen to your master DVD and you did not have a copy, you would need to start all over again. You could use a company that specializes in video to dvd transfers too.